Educational Technologists as ICT Coordinators

Through the years, the role of educational technology tends to grow on a larger scope. From teachers simply applying technology in their teaching to instructional designers, system administrators, educational app developers, etc. As I was scrolling over my PLN, I stumbled upon this post by @terryfreedman:

3 Posts every ICT Co-ordinator should read: Here are a few important blog posts I think all ICT Co-o… Pls retweet

I will not only retweet about it but I would like to tell more about it as well through this blogpost. First of all, I believe in Doug Woods statement: “…a good teacher who does not use technology is not a good teacher.” Although some anti-technology positions and conventional teachers disagree with such statement, it’s actually true for a simple reason – technology (and media) already existed beforehand. The paper is already a technology in itself, and such view is usually not accepted by some IT specialists who believe that only computers can be considered as technology. If you think about it, we can simply state that the paper is an example of conventional technology whereas the computer is an example of modern technology.

Going back to Woods’ statement, it is true that technology is not only for the purpose of enhancing, extending or supporting teaching but also it can be used as a learning resource. Conventional teachers who tend to not use technology insist its failure (to support for teaching and learning) even though it is actually a simple case of the teachers’ lack of knowledge or experience in using it. Teachers should always be open enough to learn new technology so that they can also teach it to their students for their personal learning.

In Freedman‘s next statement about Wheeler’s “Seven reasons teachers should blog“, such points are the same reasons why I started blogging again. I just hope that more Filipino educators will participate in blogging about teaching and learning.

Lastly, it is important that every school has an ICT coordinator – one that continuously updates his/her skill set to be ICT competent. From a simple school website to as complex as supporting networking and educational software, the ICT coordinator should be active enough to address the ICT needs of the teachers and the students. Here’s a list of interesting posts for ICT coordinators:

Now, whether you are a student, a teacher, a parent or a school staff, remember that there should always be an ICT coordinator (or someone that can assume that role) in your school which shall address your ICT needs even if it’s just a simple case of Internet access. Besides, the United Nations already declared that Internet access is a human right. 🙂

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