3 Tips in Attending Meetings While Using Technology

Do you like attending meetings or do you see meetings as waste of time?

Going back from the long holiday vacation usually means that meetings are back as well. Faculty meetings, project meetings, student group meetings, curriculum revision meetings and so on. Whether you’re a student or a teacher who is still new when it comes to participating in such activities, here are some tips based from my experiences on how to work around with meetings.

1. Ask for the start and end times of the meeting always.
Knowing the start and end time of a meeting is just like knowing the start and end time of a classroom session or the schedule of a movie in a big screen. People (should) plan how every meeting should go and they should always stick to the plan if possible. In case you have other meetings with several different groups of people, it would then be easier for you to schedule everything. Of course, the assumption here is that you only book as many meetings as your schedule can accommodate. If you feel that you’re not that good in remembering dates, you can try use a planner or simply get a calendar application such as iCal on your laptop or cellphone.

2. Always arrive on time (or earlier).
It is usually better to arrive earlier so that if there’ll be a printout of the minutes, you’ll get to read it right away. Actually, instead of having a printout, there’s already Google Docs to share the minutes instantly or even before the actual meeting. Such move shall save an organization’s funds by minimizing the use of papers as printouts for minutes. The persons involved in the minutes will no longer have to use the meeting time just to correct typos because Google Docs has a comments feature if corrections are still needed. Say goodbye to those “Correction on Page A, Paragraph B, Line C” statements raised during meetings! Most importantly, being on time means respecting the time of others as well.

3. Use Reminders!
If you have another scheduled event after your meeting, always inform and remind the presiding person beforehand (or before the meeting starts) that you have another meeting or event to go to. In this case, the presiding person will usually start without having to wait for the rest of the participants of the meeting. This is also great for it allows discussion of more topics in the agenda of the meeting. There will no longer be a need to wait for other members just to proceed with the next topic of the meeting. Besides, meetings should start and end on time, right? If you feel that you’re not sensitive when it comes to time, you may also use a Reminder application on your mobile.

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Do you have insights or tips to share about meetings? Feel free to post these through the comments section of this post! šŸ™‚

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