The Happy Secret to Better Work

Before you start reading my entire blog post, try to think and answer first this question: Are you happy right now? If yes, then that’s awesome. If no, you might want to rethink about it.

So why do you think I asked that question? Because definitely, the topic’s related to my blog post! After a month hiatus of blogging, I was busy doing lots of things. To start with, February was the month of hearts so most likely you get the picture now of guys figuring out ways on how to surprise their respective girls with all those flowers, chocolates and all of the sweet big and little things. Last month was also the time where I had to make a big decision regarding one of my jobs which would definitely affect my future. I was also doing system or network administrator (and even technician) tasks for my computer lab while teaching 2 undergraduate classes of education students and handling an LIS class in another college. In my research subject, I have lots of readings and writing (or typings) to do for my literature review along with the fact that I need to go over a handful of documentations to create the educational software that I need for my research.

Yes, hands are certainly full. In spite of the stress that you can possibly get from acads and work, they say that there’s always a rainbow after the rain just like the sunshine that makes you happy when skies are grey. And in relation to this, I would like to share this video that I got from TED that definitely changed the way I view things:

So, are you happy now? You should be! 🙂

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