Ubuntu Linux for Teaching

Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 1.41.35 PMApologies for the very long hiatus of  no update because I was so preoccupied with lots of stuff – teaching loads, workshops & trainings, events management (Y4iT 2012 and TEDxManila 2012), and several tasks at my office. I was not even able to make progress on my research paper except for the fact that my topic was already approved.

Nevertheless, I’m back here trying to revive again my writing skills. I shall start then by sharing one of my experiences in class – Installing Ubuntu / Xubuntu Linux 12.04.1.

In my EDUC 190 class, it is a tradition that my students shall start trying Linux (Ubuntu) by installing it on the UP College of Education MITC workstations. What I’ve been doing for the longest time was the method of Installing Inside Windows via Wubi because it is the easiest way of installing Ubuntu Linux on a Machine that has Windows already preinstalled.

Apparently, Ubuntu discouraged this method (if I remember correctly, it started with version 12.04) so they deactivated it whenever you will be loading the Ubuntu CD while Windows is running. Of course I still managed to find a way on enabling that method by simply using the Wubi executable on the Ubuntu CD. Just open the Microsoft Windows command line and execute this: D:\wubi.exe –force-wubi

A window will then open showing the Install Inside Windows option. In another situation, the Ubuntu 12.04.1 Install CD does not have the Wubi executable so I had my students download it instead from http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/windows-installer.

I also tried installing Ubuntu 12.10 on my office iMac via VirtualBox and then I encountered this error – Fatal: Could not read from the boot medium! System halted. After performing some Google Search, I found a quick fix on Youtube:

The quick fix is simply by going over the VM’s Settings > Add Hard Disk > Select the Virtual Disk Image (where Ubuntu was already installed). Obviously, it worked!

The only installation method that I have not yet tried with Ubuntu is to install it through dual boot mode. I shall try this tomorrow and I will update this post as well if it’s a success. 🙂

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