10+ Techniques for Empowering Students to Becoming Globally Connected Educators and Content Creators

Last year, I was invited to present in 2 global webinar events, the 2013 Reform Symposium E-Conference (RSCON) and The Global Education Conference. My presentation contains snapshots of how I integrate ICT in education for empowering undergraduate education students of the UP College of Education to become globally connected and to be content creators as well. The course I’m handling in the college is EDUC 190 (Computers in Education), a 7-hour per week class.

The methods and/or techniques that I use for instruction are flipped model classroom, blended learning, discovery learning, and gamification of learning. The course applies the Gagne’s Instructional Events framework with Bloom’s Taxonomy as the umbrella for skill development. Students are expected to create teaching and learning materials for each technology learned in class and they will be collate everything in the form of e-portfolios. Every section has a class blog and all class blogs are listed on a sidebar widget on this blog. Students get to host webinars and even invite foreign educator speakers from all over the world.

Most materials used for the course range from Apple technologies (being an Apple Distinguished Educator), Free/Open Source Software, Google Apps, and a lot more.

Finally, here’s the slideshare of my presentation.

Enjoy! 🙂


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