Unboxing the Apple Watch Sport

I have been longing to blog about this but I just couldn’t get started right away because I usually try to have much concern with perfect in-depth details when it comes to jumpstarting this blog after a very long hiatus. Finally, here it goes. 🙂

Almost a month has passed since I got my Apple Watch. I got mine through Trish Castro, a friend who had a vacation in the US before the next academic year gets to start again. She will become an Apple Distinguished Educator in the ADE APAC Institute this year. (So congratulations again and welcome to the ADE community, Trish!) On the day I got the package from her in SM Megamall, there was also an ongoing mall-wide sale so I felt like I’ve also shopped for it.

The Apple Watch Sport model that I got was the 42mm Silver Aluminum Case with Blue Sport Band. I was supposed to get the Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band but due to high customer demand, the store did not have any stock anymore. I opted to get the blue one then despite my preference of black color in running, black is a safe color to match any attire, and dirt is not easily noticeable on a black band. As for the size, I prefer the larger one to make sure that I won’t be missing any experience. I’m on the lookout now though for a 42mm black sport band but I doubt if the Apple Watch and accessories will reach the local stores anytime soon.

The 42mm Apple Watch Sport comes in a long rectangular box, somewhat as long as a 13-in MacBook Pro. I gingerly teared the plastic that wrapped it by using a pin to create a hole under the box. Inside the box is a long white plastic case (similar to how the old white MacBook looked like) wrapped in a white plastic sheet. You need to locate the green circle because this will be your guide to unwrap the plastic sheet properly.




The other contents of the box were the thin case that contains the blue S/M sport band, a MagSafe charger, and the power cable. The Watch has the L sport band attached as default. There was no cleaning cloth though unlike the gold Apple Watch Edition.

Now, here’s my complete video of how I figured out the Unboxing of the Apple Watch Sport:

Setting up the Apple Watch and pairing it with the iPhone was easier than what I’ve thought. The Watch will definitely require for the iPhone’s Bluetooth to be switched on but I already had mine enabled by default to monitor my Tile device. Also, the iPhone had to be connected to the Internet (either via Wi-Fi or Cellular Data). Pressing the Side Button under the Digital Crown will switch on the Watch which shall display an Apple logo afterwards. The first time I get to tap the screen was when you need to select your preferred language. Well, it was weird at first but it only takes a little bit of getting used to the interface.






In case the Watch is running low on battery, it might prompt you to connect it to its charger. You will need the Apple Magnetic Charging Cable plugged to the included adapter, and the adapter into a power outlet. The Watch will align through the magnets on the charger and you will hear a sound and see a charging icon on the Watch face.

So how easy was it to pair the Apple Watch with the iPhone? You need to open first the Apple Watch app that was included in the iOS 8.2 update and then start the pairing. The Watch screen will show an animation on that you need to capture with the iPhone camera. Well, I only realized that you need to use the camera after something that I did before – I tried placing the Watch on top of the iPhone screen at the center of the curved square (thinking that it will pair just like how I enabled the Tile device). After holding the Watch and letting the iPhone camera capture it, you will see a “Your Apple Watch is Paired” message. The Watch will prompt you regarding your Wrist preference (Left or Right Wrist), so I selected Left.

Just tap Agree on the Terms and Conditions and then afterwards, it will prompt you for your Apple ID credentials as an option. It will also prompt you for the settings of Location Services, Siri, Diagnostics, and the Apple Watch Passcode. Here’s my short video on How to Pair the Apple Watch with the iPhone:

The Watch will also ask you to either Install Available Apps or just Choose Later. Of course, I selected the first option so the Watch started syncing all of the iPhone apps that included Watch companion apps.

So that’s it! On my next post, I’ll tell you more about my first 24 hours with the Apple Watch after a fully-charged battery that usually takes 1.5-2.5 hours to charge. I will also perform a “run test” because that is actually the primary reason I chose to get an Apple Watch instead of other brands of watches for running that are not smartwatches. Stay tuned! 🙂


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